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Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program Inventory of Key Technical Resources

The main purpose of this inventory is to serve as a reference to help stakeholders working in the pharmaceutical sector easily access and use already available SIAPS resources, including tools, experiences, and results. The document is also intended to serve as a technical legacy for SIAPS to support knowledge exchange and sustainability of related work. … Read more

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Therapeutics Information and Pharmacovigilance Centre’s Analysis of Spontaneous Adverse Events due to Antiretroviral and Other Medicines

The use of antiretrovirals (ARVs) in combination for treating patients with HIV has greatly ameliorated morbidity and mortality by reducing viral load to undetectable levels and boosting the body’s immunity. However serious adverse reactions causing long- or short-term effects have been associated with ARV treatment. These reactions have caused major concerns internationally, potentially threatening patient … Read more

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USAID-SIAPS Technical Assistance to NTP Laboratory Network: Strengthening Leadership, Management, and Governance Capacity

The National Tuberculosis Program’s strategic direction for the laboratory services is to improve access to laboratory services so that all high-risk TB patients are tested using World Health Organization (WHO)-endorsed rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) as the initial diagnostic procedure, particularly the Xpert MTB/RIF assay (Xpert). This entails the strengthening of the laboratory network (LNW) and … Read more

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2017 Regional Planning Workshop for Laboratory Network Strengthening: Expansion of Rapid TB Diagnostic Laboratories and Strengthening EQA-DSSM Implementation

The National TB Reference Laboratory (NTRL) organized two planning workshops to assist the 17 Department of Health (DOH) regional NTP teams in developing their action plans for the expansion of the rapid TB diagnostic laboratories (RTDLs) and for strengthening the laboratory systems. The objectives of the workshop were to assist the regional NTP teams in … Read more

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NTP Laboratory Network Assessment: Strategic Directions to Improve Access and Quality of TB Diagnostic Services Assessment Report

The National TB Program has embarked on the new Philippine Strategic TB Elimination Plan Phase One: 2017–2022, setting targets and objectives to significantly reduce TB mortality and prevalence by 2022. Among the key activities in the plan is to ensure the access of all priority patients to rapid TB diagnosis along with drug susceptibility testing … Read more

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Toward Building Resilient Pharmaceutical Systems: SIAPS Final Report

SIAPS Final Report showcases achievements across 46 countries. Interventions are described by intermediate results and health areas and demonstrate how SIAPS successfully worked with a range of stakeholders, including Ministries of Health, to bolster pharmaceutical systems and address country-specific needs. [button style=”download” link=”” color=”silver”]Download this file as a PDF[/button]

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SIAPS TB Core End-of-Project Report

The primary goal of the SIAPS TB Core portfolio was to ensure the availability of quality pharmaceutical products and support the implementation of effective pharmaceutical services for achieving global and the United States Government TB program targets; also represented in the United States Government health goals were protecting communities against infectious diseases, fostering an AIDS-free … Read more


Adopting the Pharmacovigilance Monitoring System for the Philippines National Tuberculosis Program

The Department of Health-Pharmaceutical Division (DOH-PD) and National TB Program (NTP) in the Philippines adopted the web‐based application Pharmacovigilance Monitoring System (PViMS) to ensure systematic data collection and simplify the analysis of medicine safety information. PViMS is a free web tool developed by SIAPS to help clinicians, regulatory bodies, and implementing partners monitor medicine safety, … Read more

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Process of implementing e-TB Manager, 2008-2016: a summary of 10 countries

A multicountry user experience analysis of e-TB Manager and an in-depth study in Ukraine were published. However, the procedural aspects of e-TB Manager implementation in each country were not documented. While facilitators and barriers for eHealth implementation in resource-constrained settings are well known, the objective of this paper is to summarize the tailored implementation approaches given local context, which … Read more

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Lucky Specials Brings Focus to TB Awareness Week in Namibia

Theresia Cloete was diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) in 2002. She was put on treatment but after four months stopped taking her TB medication. Last year, she was diagnosed with drug-resistant TB. Like Cloete, many TB patients stop taking their life-saving medication before they are cured. She is now one of eight in-patients waiting for stabilization … Read more

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