Pharmaceutical Systems

Laws and Regulations
Policies and Strategic Plans
Regulatory Affairs

Drawing on its comprehensive experience and broad expertise in pharmaceutical systems strengthening, SIAPS assisted countries in improving access to quality health products and services through the development and adoption of sound pharmaceutical policies and the implementation of effective regulatory, financing, coverage, and distribution systems.

SIAPS built on experience gained during the Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) Program and applied a systems approach to developing sound policy settings and appropriate laws and regulations. SIAPS offered practical approaches to all aspects of pharmaceutical sector management, including medicine registration, product quality assurance, pharmacovigilance and post-marketing surveillance, pharmaceutical financing, product selection and assessment of value for money, and the diffusion of new technologies.

Our strategic approach emphasized building capacity in local institutions to organize and manage pharmaceutical systems; promoting local and regional harmonization of policies and regulations; applying proven, effective, and efficient policy and financing solutions; adopting evidence-based approaches to decision making; generating additional resources and using them efficiently; and advocating for good governance practices within the pharmaceutical sector.

SIAPS aimed to develop and sustain pharmaceutical systems that can provide equitable and affordable access to safe, effective, and cost-effective medicines and health technologies and ensure their rational and appropriate use. By doing so, SIAPS helped to deliver tangible and lasting improvements in population health outcomes.