How We Worked

SIAPS followed a pharmaceutical systems strengthening framework that supported the design, implementation, and monitoring of program activities in five areas:

  1. Strengthening pharmaceutical sector leadership and governance and establishing sound policies and legislation
  2. Building human resource and institutional capacity for more sustainable organizations
  3. Addressing information needs to support decision making in pharmaceutical systems
  4. Improving financing strategies and mechanisms to ensure adequate funding and effective use of resources
  5. Providing effective pharmaceutical services that meet the needs of the patient and achieve desired health outcomes.

The framework integrated the medical products function at the center of these foundational elements. SIAPS analyzed pharmaceutical management systems to determine appropriate options for improvement, and supported partners in implementing reforms in all components of the system. Key stakeholders were government, providers, and the community. Strengthening through this framework helped ensure that pharmaceutical systems made a full contribution to a health system’s performance—ultimately increasing access to medicines and leading to better health outcomes.

SIAPS Pharmaceutical System Strengthening Approach
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