National governments must effectively register and track pharmaceutical products to ensure that they are readily available and safe. When countries have weak medicine registration systems—backlogs of drug registration applications, inefficient drug testing systems, and incomplete data on suppliers and products—they can waste millions of dollars and put millions of people at risk of using unsafe and low-quality medicines.

What is Pharmadex?

Pharmadex is a web-based tool that helps streamline and track medicines registration for a national drug regulatory authority by—

  • Recording and organizing information on suppliers and products
  • Tracking product applications in the registration process
  • Analyzing and comparing suppliers and products
  • Tracking critical information for decision-making, such as costs, usage, and safety


  • Online application system: facilitates standardized formatting, storage, cataloguing, and retrieval of documents
  • Multiple database storage: supports and coordinates databases across several regulatory units
  • Licensing and inspection transparency: generates and allows easy sharing of licenses, inspection reports, and enforcement updates
  • Product lifecycle management: enables tracking of promotional activities, safety monitoring, and approval history for products
  • Round-the-clock registration: allows timely, convenient access to national register of products
  • International standards access: provides access to international standard terminology databases and dictionaries
  • Monitoring and evaluation: enables overview of aggregate data and management information
  • Adjustable modules and user privileges: allows modules to be added or removed and user access to be restricted