An effective health system depends on high-quality pharmaceutical information, from supply inventory records to financial data. SIAPS improves the quality and availability of information  with a suite of electronic tools that help pharmaceutical managers develop sound policies and monitor supplies and services.

e-TB Manager
management information needs for tuberculosis patients
Electronic Dispensing Tool
medicine dispensing and treatment adherence tracking
medicines registration
PharmacoVigilance Monitoring System
medicines safety monitoring
forecasting and quantification
patient management, dispensing, and inventory management
forecasting, quantification, and early warning tool for TB medicines

MoHSS Pharmaceutical Information Dashboard
tracking the availability of essential commodities
Facility Electronic Stock Card
maintenance and monitoring of stock position and automated reporting

FESC data synched to PMIS dashbord
Outil de Suivi des Produits de Sante (OSPSANTE)
management of essential health commodity logistics and patient information
Outil de Suivi des Produits du VIH/SIDA (OSPSIDA)
management of HIV and AIDS commodities

OSPSIDA – Cameroon
  Warehouse Inventory Management System and Upazila Inventory Management System
maintaining store inventory and automating supply planning, issue voucher generation, and monthly reporting

WIMS/UIMS data synched to SCMP
  Swaziland CTS
commodity tracking system
  Supply Chain Management Portal (SCMP)
management of procurement and logistics
  Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA)
Drug Regulatory Authority

These tools assist SIAPS and our partners in aggregating, analyzing, presenting, and disseminating pharmaceutical information. We work with country partners to customize these tools to their needs, harmonize and integrate them within the health system, and use them appropriately to support evidence-based decision making.