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Toward Building Resilient Pharmaceutical Systems: SIAPS Final Report

SIAPS final report showcases achievements across 46 countries. Interventions are described by intermediate results and health areas and demonstrate how SIAPS successfully worked with a range of stakeholders, including Ministries of Health, to bolster pharmaceutical systems and address country-specific needs.

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Process of implementing e-TB Manager, 2008-2016: a summary of 10 countries

A multicountry user experience analysis of e-TB Manager and an in-depth study in Ukraine were published. However, the procedural aspects of e-TB Manager implementation in each country were not documented. While facilitators and barriers for eHealth implementation in resource-constrained settings are well known, the objective of this paper is to summarize the tailored implementation approaches given local context, which … Read more

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SIAPS Bangladesh Newsletter: January – June 2017

Inside this issue: SIAPS Coorganizes D4D in Health Conference in Dhaka Square Hospital Limited: A Journey Toward Medicine Safety in Bangladesh 18th LCF Meeting Held SIAPS Assists DGFP to Cope with Post-Fire Supply Management Challenges DGDA’s GMP Inspection Capacity Strengthened SIAPS Develops Interoperability between DHIS2 and e-TB Manager Basic Logistics Management Capacity of DGHS Officials … Read more

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DHIS2 and e-TB Manager Interoperability: Creating a Stronger Digital Health System in Bangladesh

In 2015, at the request of the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), SIAPS undertook a comprehensive mapping exercise of the existing HIS tools in the country to review their scopes and performances and explore opportunities to link the tools to improve efficiency. The assessment included a deep dive into the DHIS2 platform to assess the system’s capacity, … Read more

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Measurement of TB Indicators using e-TB Manager (TB Patient Management Information System)

This document offers a wide selection of indicators relevant to the TB program in Bangladesh. To calculate the TB indicators, this document is based on the nationally adopted, web-based e-TB Manager, which is being implemented by the National Tuberculosis Control Program (NTP) with technical assistance from SIAPS.

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The TB burden in Ukraine is among the most severe in Europe, and achieving TB control is hindered by weak information and reporting systems. Recognizing that managing pharmaceutical information is essential to curbing the spread of TB, the Ukrainian government adopted e-TB Manager, a digital case management tool developed by SIAPS, to help manage TB-related … Read more

Sustaining Ukraine’s progress in fighting TB

Tuberculosis, which is the leading cause of death among infectious diseases in Ukraine, is especially dangerous due to the high estimated number of patients with multidrug-resistant TB. Since its implementation in 2008, e-TB Manager, a digital case management tool, has shown strong results: 81% of users, including doctors, nurses, and laboratory professionals, agree that it … Read more

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User experience analysis of an eHealth system for tuberculosis in resource-constrained settings: A nine-country comparison

Konduri N, Bastos LGV, Sawyer K, Reciolino LFA. User experience analysis of an eHealth system for tuberculosis in resource-constrained settings: A nine-country comparison. International Journal of Medical Informatics 102 2017; 118-29. Read the full article

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e-TB Manager: Nine country user experience analysis shows positive results

The International Journal of Medical Informatics recently published the results of a user experience analysis that SIAPS led on e-TB Manager, a digital health tool used to manage TB patients. Using quantitative methods, SIAPS staff analyzed user experiences in nine diverse country health systems that cumulatively bear nearly one-third of the world’s TB burden. The study compared … Read more