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Phasing Out Stavudine-Containing Regimens in the Ethiopian ART Program: The Role of Pharmaceutical Information for Decision Making

This was a descriptive retrospective study that used secondary data collected from ART service pharmacies’ routine reports. The reports contained the patient’s medication profiles on specific type of regimen. All first- and second-line regimens are captured by the reports. The study used data and reports from September 2012 to September 2014. About 205,832 patients were … Read more

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Malaria PMI Quarterly Updates October-December 2014

According to the 2013 World Malaria Report,1 malaria incidence was reduced by about 31% and mortality rates by 49%in the World Health Organization (WHO) African Region between 2000 and 2012. These substantial reductions occurred as a result of a major scale-up of vector control interventions, diagnostic testing, and treatment with artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs). However, … Read more

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February 2015 SIAPS/SCMS/BLC Newsletter

In this issue: Namibia transitions to a once-a-day antiretroviral pill Pharmaceutical human resources development for the sustained provision of quality antiretroviral treatment at health facilities in Namibia Developing caregiver skills for the improved care and support of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) Monitoring site-level trends in HIV Drug Resistance Early Warning Indicators among children on … Read more

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Pharmaceutical Management Information System: Support Supervision Report, January–March 2014, Cameroon

This report shows the result of continuous monitoring conducted quarterly in Cameroon to ensure stock availability at ART treatment sites of HIV and AIDS commodities. Data sources on patient information and consumption and report submission are from monthly reports collected at health facilities during supervision. Data on stock status are collected by the supervisors with … Read more

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Pharmaceutical Management Information System Support Supervision Quarterly Feedback Report, October to December 2013, Cameroon

Based on previous assessment findings and to fill the gaps, SIAPS supports improving data management of HIV and AIDS commodities in targeted ART health facilities in Cameroon by: Assessing storage practices and inventory management to mentor and guide system improvement Collecting data and information for the monitoring patients and stock Mentoring and building the capacity … Read more

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Policy Brief: Status of the Supervision of Malaria Diagnostic and Treatment Posts in Countries of the Amazon Basin

Download English In 2011, AMI decided to evaluate the supervision system that had been implemented in each of the four countries. SPS consultants conducted an evaluation of supervisory coverage, how well the supervision instrument was completed, and its usefulness for decision making at the local, departmental, and central levels. Download Spanish En 2011 AMI decidió … Read more

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