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Phasing Out Stavudine-Containing Regimens in the Ethiopian ART Program: The Role of Pharmaceutical Information for Decision Making

This was a descriptive retrospective study that used secondary data collected from ART service pharmacies’ routine reports. The reports contained the patient’s medication profiles on specific type of regimen. All first- and second-line regimens are captured by the reports. The study used data and reports from September 2012 to September 2014. About 205,832 patients were … Read more

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Success Story: Improving the Availability of Antimalarials in Ecuador with a Drug Information System

Download English The procedure implemented makes available to the malaria program strategic information from the central warehouse and the 11 administrative zones with which to (a) manage procurement (both purchases and donations), (b) project risks of stock-outs and medicine expiry, and (c) distribute and redistribute medicines and supplies at a time when extremely detailed inventory … Read more

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