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SIAPS Ukraine End of Project Report

Project dates: September 2012 – June 2017

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EML Harmonization Process in Ukraine

The availability of a unified essential medicines list (EML) with evidence-based clinical efficacy to be used by the Ministry of Health (MOH) for the state-guaranteed package of services is an essential part of the successful launch of the health care reform initiative in Ukraine. This required the development and institutionalization of a process to ensure sustainability into the future rather than a one-off list of essential medicines. The main task of SIAPS was the provision of technical assistance to the Government of Ukraine to solve the problem of medicines list harmonization, which was needed to review and update the NEML to be the sole list for procurement or reimbursement with public funds, and to develop legislative documentation to institutionalize the process. The work was performed in cooperation with the MOH and the State Expert Center.

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SIAPS closes in Ukraine

On June 30, 2017, SIAPS closed its office in Ukraine. Since 2011, SIAPS worked with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and other stakeholders strengthening the country’s pharmaceutical systems and enhancing transparency of procurement practices and rational medicine use. SIAPS provided assistance to streamline medicine selection by harmonizing the essential medicines list (EML). This was done […]

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The TB burden in Ukraine is among the most severe in Europe, and achieving TB control is hindered by weak information and reporting systems. Recognizing that managing pharmaceutical information is essential to curbing the spread of TB, the Ukrainian government adopted e-TB Manager, a digital case management tool developed by SIAPS, to help manage TB-related […]

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Sustaining Ukraine’s progress in fighting TB

Tuberculosis, which is the leading cause of death among infectious diseases in Ukraine, is especially dangerous due to the high estimated number of patients with multidrug-resistant TB. Since its implementation in 2008, e-TB Manager, a digital case management tool, has shown strong results: 81% of users, including doctors, nurses, and laboratory professionals, agree that it […]

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IT solution for pharmacovigilance supports rational use of quality, safe, and effective medicines

An online system for monitoring and reporting cases of adverse drug reactions and lack of efficacy of medicines comprehensively addresses the need for improved access to quality, safe, and effective medicines. “The evaluation and analysis of PAIS system in Ukraine has brought out gaps and identified recommendations on operational PAIS system optimization and enhancing its […]

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e-TB Manager Promotes Treatment Quality and Evidence-Based Forecasting of TB Medicines in Ukraine

Assessments conducted in 2013 on the management of TB drugs in Ukraine highlighted specific pharmaceutical management challenges, particularly in terms of data collection, capacity constraints, data quality, and frequency of reporting. Of note, cases of TB within the penitentiary system―roughly 15% of all TB cases in Ukraine―were poorly tracked; even when available, data from the penitentiary system were not integrated with the information system at the Ministry of Health (MOH), which skewed TB surveillance data. Furthermore, ongoing political unrest and personnel changes at the MOH continue to hinder efforts to address these challenges.

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SIAPS presents at the 76th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Through a sustainable pharmaceutical systems strengthening approach, the SIAPS program shared experiences from Namibia, Ukraine, Vietnam, and South Africa through the following presentations, which aimed to illustrate multi-pronged interventions to address the global burden of disease. SIAPS staff actively participated and presented at the 76th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Buenos Aires, Argentina. […]

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Analysis of Medicines Expenditure in Ukraine: Implications for Rational Selection

Konduri N, Lebega O. Analysis of medicines expenditure in ukraine: Implications for rational selection. E9 Short oral presentation, Part 2a (Practice & Education) at the 76th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2016, Buenos Aires, Argentina. August 30, 2016.

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Devex Features SIAPS Program Work on Pharmaceutical Financing

Governments should not have to “break the bank” while working to achieve universal access to quality-assured and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all, SIAPS Principal Technical Advisor Niranjan Konduri wrote in a Devex op-ed this week. Reacting to the WHO’s first global report on diabetes, released on April 6, Konduri identified inefficient government spending on pharmaceutical commodities as […]

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