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Supporting Pre- and In-Service Training Programs to Expand and Strengthen the Pharmaceutical Workforce

A number of low resource countries are facing a severe and prolonged shortage of health workers, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector where pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, and technicians are becoming especially scarce. With treatment programs, such as those for HIV/AIDS and TB, expanding in many countries, more pharmacists and pharmacy assistants are required to provide effective services. Additionally, overstretched pharmacists and other healthcare workers are often … Read more

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SIAPS Technical Advisor Wins Mandela Washington Fellowship

SIAPS-Swaziland Senior Technical Advisor Khontile Kunene was selected as a winner of the Mandela Washington Fellowship of the Young African Leaders Initiative – U.S. President Barack Obama’s initiative to invest in the next generation of African leaders. Starting this month, she will complete six weeks of leadership training and mentoring at one of 20 prestigious U.S. universities … Read more

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Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance with Pre-Service Training

The irrational use of medicines, a major driver of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), is often perpetuated by those who should be best able to stop it—health care professionals such as doctors and pharmacists. This, of course, raises an important question: why do health care professionals continue to practice potentially harmful behaviors? In many cases, the answer … Read more

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