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Supporting Pre- and In-Service Training Programs to Expand and Strengthen the Pharmaceutical Workforce

A number of low resource countries are facing a severe and prolonged shortage of health workers, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector where pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, and technicians are becoming especially scarce. With treatment programs, such as those for HIV/AIDS and TB, expanding in many countries, more pharmacists and pharmacy assistants are required to provide effective services. Additionally, overstretched pharmacists and other healthcare workers are often … Read more

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Building Local Capacity for Clinical Pharmacy Service in Ethiopia through a Holistic In-Service Training Approach

Recognizing the need for patient-focused services and the competency gap in the curriculum, schools of pharmacy in Ethiopia revised their curricula in 2008 to focus more on the patient. In addition, recognizing the potential benefits of introducing clinical pharmacy to the patients and the health sector, the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) has included clinical … Read more

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