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Laboratory Network Monitoring Guide

The Philippines National TB Program’s (NTP) laboratory network strategic plan (LNSP) aims to improve access to quality laboratory services, including establishing new facilities, adopting new diagnostic technologies, and strengthening the laboratory systems. The implementation of laboratory network (LNW) strengthening plans and the performance of the LNW require a comprehensive monitoring of activities to detect problems, … Read more

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Laboratory Information Management and Utilization Training

The training materials in this compilation were developed by technical advisors from SIAPS. The training was conducted in November 2014. This will serve as a guide for trainings in LIMU. Sessions follow the spectrum of information management from data organization, analysis, and interpretation to the utilization of information for information sharing, planning, and decision making. … Read more

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2014 National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory Annual Report

This annual report is the first of its kind for the National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory (NTRL). The following provides a general picture of NTRL’s activities and accomplishments related to service and development in 2014. It documents the expansion of laboratory services and adoption of new technologies in the context of new developments in TB diagnosis … Read more

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Management of Laboratory Reagent Supplies in the Dominican Republic Ministry of Health

The high cost of laboratory reagents and accumulated indebtedness are the primary causes of shortages and stock-outs. The lack of availability of these products limits timely diagnosis and treatment in public health facilities. Public resources available for reagent procurement could be optimized through the use of centralized purchasing by virtue of the economies of scale … Read more

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SIAPS in the News

SIAPS Program Director Francis (Kofi) Aboagye-Nyame, Mavere Tukai, and Charles Kagoma were contributors to a new WHO publication, Specifications and quantities for efficient procurement of essential equipment and laboratory commodities for HIV. Developed by WHO’s Technologies and Commodities Unit of the HIV Department in collaboration with a broad range of partners, this publication provides specifications and quantities … Read more

An Electronic System for the Management of Laboratory Data on Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Treatment

Salakaia A, Memoria R, Turaev L, Falzon D, Dadu A, Kremer K, Keravec J, Zagorski A. (2012, December). An electronic system for the management of laboratory data on tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment. Symposium presentation at the 43rd World Conference on Lung Health of the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. View … Read more

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