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USAID representative’s statement on SIAPS work in the Dominican Republic

From September 2012 to December 2016, SIAPS worked to reform and strengthen the Dominican Republic’s health sector by expanding access to quality health care, detecting TB cases, and improving HIV and AIDS treatment and prevention services. Using a systemic approach that considered all health system functions and national driving forces, SIAPS was able to put … Read more

Methodology for the Rapid Review and Updating of Lists of Medicines in the Dominican Republic

The Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program proposed a methodology for reviewing lists of essential medicines (LEM) and formularies, with the potential to achieve optimum results in short periods of time and with a minimal investment of resources. The methodology consisted of identifying an expert international pharmacologist with experience in the LEM process and the … Read more

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Results and Impact of the Introduction of an Integrated Pharmaceutical Supply System in the Dominican Republic

The objective of this study was to determine, through secondary sources, the impact of SUGEMI on the operational efficiency of the supply system and the availability of general-use medicines in the primary care units (unidades de atención primaria, or UNAP), where SUGEMI is fully implemented. With these ends, interviews were held with 122 personnel responsible … Read more

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Closing the Financial Gap to Ensure Availability of HIV and AIDS Commodities in the Dominican Republic

SIAPS’ predecessor project, Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems, worked with the government to establish the SUGEMI system to provide more accurate information on consumption, forecasting, pricing, and distribution. SUGEMI is an information system that is fully aligned with the country’s health sector reform process, compatible with the decentralized health sector, and designed to coordinate information across different vertical disease programs. These features were essential to promote the … Read more

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SIAPS’ Capacity Building Efforts to Improve the Dominican Republic’s Health Management System

The Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program has designed and implemented a certificate course to ensure the strengthening and sustainability of rational medicine use in the Dominican Republic. Universidad Central del Este (UCE) conducted the first course to thirty-two students in mid-2016 and shall conduct a second course in the last … Read more


Diagnostic and Treatment Guideline and the Pharmaceutical Formulary for Primary Health Facilities

On August 25, 2016, The National Health Service presented the Diagnostic and Treatment Guideline and the Pharmaceutical Formulary for Primary Health Facilities, aiming to improve the early diagnosis and timely treatment of the most important health problems affecting the Dominicans, including -among others- the opportunistic infections in HIV/AIDS patients. SIAPS supported the development of these documents by updating … Read more

Formulario Nacional de Medicamentos del Primer Nivel de Atención

La República Dominicana inicio en el año 1997 el proceso de reforma y modernización del sector salud, cuyos principios fundamentales descansan en la calidad, integridad de las acciones de salud, expansión y cobertura universal, separación de funciones para la equidad en el acceso y una mayor eficiencia de los recursos. En el 2005 se presenta la Política Farmacéutica … Read more

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Guía Diagnóstica y de Tratamiento de las Unidades de Atención Primaria (UNAP)

El Servicio Nacional de Salud (SNS), creado mediante la Ley 123-15 de fecha 16 de julio del 2015, tiene como una de sus prioridades ampliar la cobertura, mejorar el acceso, la calidad y la capacidad resolutiva de los servicios de salud en el primer nivel de atención, definidos como puerta de entrada al Sistema de Salud de … Read more

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Baseline Study Report: Prescription Practices for Antiretroviral Therapy in Comprehensive Care Services of the Dominican Republic

The purpose of this study is to determine if the current prescription practices adhere to the national therapeutic guidelines. Finding notable discrepancies between the prescription practices and the guidelines would explain unjustified expenses in ARV therapy and the stockout problems and overstocks that occasionally occur.

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