Laboratory Network Monitoring Guide

The Philippines National TB Program’s (NTP) laboratory network strategic plan (LNSP) aims to improve access to quality laboratory services, including establishing new facilities, adopting new diagnostic technologies, and strengthening the laboratory systems. The implementation of laboratory network (LNW) strengthening plans and the performance of the LNW require a comprehensive monitoring of activities to detect problems, document results (performance), and gather lessons from the process. However, many program managers find monitoring difficult to implement because of the lack of knowledge, skills, and operational support, especially for field visits. A contributing factor is management’s weak appreciation of the value of monitoring for program management and improvement. This document aims to provide guidance to health workers who are tasked with monitoring the LNW’s status and performance. In this document, we provide the readers with practical tips on how to monitor—from preparation, data collection, data management, and reporting to a list of indicators to guide data collection.

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