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Development of Sustainable HIV/TB Active Surveillance System in Swaziland – Protocol and Operational Plan

A pharmacovigilance system, through active surveillance in sentinel sites, is proposed to monitor the safety and tolerability of antiretroviral medicines (ARV) and anti-tuberculosis (TB) medicines at antiretroviral treatment (ART) clinics and TB clinics in Swaziland. The goal of this activity is to develop, implement, and demonstrate the local feasibility of a practical and sustainable pharmacovigilance … Read more

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Assessment of the Regulatory Systems and Capacity of the Directorate General for Drug Administration in Bangladesh

The DGDA invited the USAID-funded SIAPS program to provide support for a comprehensive assessment of the Bangladeshi pharmaceutical regulatory system. The SIAPS program used the Regulatory Systems Assessment Tool (RSAT) to conduct a structured assessment of the DGDA, reviewed more than 50 documents, and conducted interviews with key informants. The assessment also reviewed the DGDA’s … Read more

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Pharmacovigilance Activities in HIV and AIDS Programs in Eight Sub-Saharan African Countries: Opportunities to Enhance Treatment Outcomes and Ensure Patient Safety

Download Monitoring adverse drug reactions is becoming a priority for public health programs involved in large scale-ups of new essential medicines. Under an interagency agreement between the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the SPS program assessed pharmacovigilance activities of 32 PHPs in sub-Saharan Africa. Poster displayed at … Read more

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