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How Public Funds Were Spent on Procurement of Medicines in Ukraine’s Hospitals: Interim Analysis for the Ministry of Health, Ukraine

Pharmaceuticals may constitute as much as 40% of the health care budget in low and middle-income countries, yet large portions of the population may lack access to even the most essential medicines. The limited public sector funds are frequently spent on ineffective or unnecessary medications. An analysis of past spending patterns on procurement of medicines … Read more

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La revisión de la Lista Nacional de Medicamentos Esenciales en República Dominicana

La Lista Nacional de Medicamentos Esenciales (LNME) de República Dominicana no se actualiza desde el año 2005. En el curso de 2012 y 2013 se revisaron algunos grupos terapéuticos y listas específicas de programas de control de enfermedades, como VIH y tuberculosis, pero no se consolidó y validó una lista nacional. En mayo del 2014 … Read more

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Revision of the Essential Medicines List in the Dominican Republic

The National Essential Medicines List (NEML) of the Dominican Republic had not been updated since 2005. Over the course of 2012 and 2013, some therapeutic groups and specific lists of disease control programs, such as HIV and tuberculosis, were revised, but they were not consolidated and validated as a national list. In May 2014 the … Read more

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