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Now available: “What Gets Defined, Gets Measured” Webinar Recording

On Wednesday, December 6, SIAPS presented its webinar “What Gets Defined, Gets Measured: Definitions and a Framework for Measuring Pharmaceutical Systems Strengthening.” This webinar defined the terms “pharmaceutical system” and “pharmaceutical systems strengthening” and discussed the identification and piloting of indicators for pharmaceutical systems strengthening and the rationale for undertaking this work. Please find the … Read more


Technical Brief: Transforming Pharmaceutical Services in Ethiopia through Auditable Pharmaceutical Transactions and Services

MSH has implemented pharmaceutical management projects in Ethiopia since 2005, through the Rational Pharmaceutical Management Plus Project and the Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) Program and most recently the Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program. The SIAPS Program (2011 to 2016) aims to reduce morbidity and mortality, primarily for HIV and AIDS, … Read more

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To measure progress in “pharmaceutical systems strengthening,” we must first define that term

By Helena Walkowiak, Principal Technical Advisor, SIAPS It’s been called the pharmaceutical sector, a drug supply or management system or the medical products building block. By any name, the part of a health system that deals with ensuring access to essential medicines, vaccines and medical products and their correct use–we call it a pharmaceutical system … Read more

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SIAPS Presents on OSPSANTE and OSPSIDA at WHO Francophone Technical Briefing Seminar on Medicine Policy 2016

The World Health Organization Department of Essential Medicines and Health Products invited SIAPS to participate in its annual French Technical Briefing Seminar, held 9-13 May, in Geneva, Switzerland.  The seminar, held every year since 1998, brings together experts working in the pharmaceutical and health sector programs in francophone countries, around current and topical issues related … Read more

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Program Review of SIAPS Swaziland

The focus of the review was on assessing SIAPS Swaziland’s role in improving the availability of HIV, TB, and sexual reproductive health (SRH) commodities. The review sought to identify gaps in the technical assistance provided over three years of SIAPS project implementation (October 1, 2011–September 31, 2014). The review findings are intended to be used … Read more

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Defining and Measuring Pharmaceutical Systems Strengthening

The Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program convened a consultative meeting of its partners to identify definitions of a pharmaceutical system and pharmaceutical systems strengthening and components to be included in a measurement framework for systems strengthening. The meeting held on September 11-12, 2014, brought together SIAPS core and resource partners, … Read more

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Defining and Measuring Pharmaceutical Systems Strengthening: Takeaways from the SIAPS Partners Meeting

The achievement of health goals laid out in major USAID initiatives, such as Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths (EPCMD) and creating an AIDS-free Generation (AFG), is largely dependent on health-systems-strengthening (HSS) investments that create long-lasting improvements in health systems performance. Robust measures are essential for gauging the impact of investments in strengthening a health … Read more

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