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#HealthSystems, Prevention & Preparing for Epidemics – Part 3: Antimicrobial Resistance

by Aubrey Clark, MPH; Mohan P. Joshi, MBBS, MSc, MD Strong health systems are necessary to help prevent and mitigate epidemics, including the oft-overlooked epidemic of antimicrobial resistance. This post originally appeared on MSH’s Global Health Impact Blog as part of a new series on improving the health of the poorest and most vulnerable women, girls, families, … Read more

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Framework Contracting in Ukraine: A Story of Success

In Ukraine in recent years, failed rounds of centralized public tenders for pharmaceuticals and blockage of public funds in antimonopoly litigations were regarded as a harbinger of the impending crisis in the public health sector. The Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program was requested to step in and provide technical assistance … Read more

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Incorporating RxSolution into Pre-service Instruction on Medicines Supply Management in South Africa

By Bright Phiri, SIAPS Communications Officer; Katelyn Payne, SIAPS Project Associate; and Susan Putter, SIAPS Principal Technical Advisor A serious deficit of pharmacy support personnel in South Africa has highlighted the need to create new career opportunities in the field of pharmaceutical services provision. According to the South African Pharmacy Council, there are approximately 14,213 … Read more

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Strengthening the TB pharmaceutical management system and ensuring patients’ uninterrupted access to anti-TB medicines in Uzbekistan

By Shirin Kakayeva, SIAPS Technical Associate and Dr. Archil Salakaia, SIAPS Central Asia Portfolio Manager Uzbekistan is one of 18 high-priority countries in the WHO’s European region, and is among 27 high-burden multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) countries in the world. As the uninterrupted supply of anti-TB medicines is necessary for the survival of TB patients, pharmaceutical management … Read more

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Improving Access to Medicines by Filling the Information Gap

By Luciana Maxim, SIAPS Technical Consultant; Marie Paule Fargier, SIAPS Country Project Director; and Serigne Diagne, SIAPS Project Director Prior to 2013, Guinea’s public health facilities faced prolonged stock-outs of antimalarial medicines and health commodities. This was due in part to a shortage of products in the country, but also resulted from substandard reporting of … Read more

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Improving Health Outcomes in South Sudan: Managing Information to Maximize Resources

Ensuring the Availability of Life-Saving Commodities in a Fragile State In December 2013, the fragile peace that held the newly independent country of South Sudan collapsed into renewed fighting. Since then, violence has led to massive outflows of people to nearby Ethiopia and the economy has steadily deteriorated in the absence of oil revenues. Throughout … Read more

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Coordinating the Management of Essential Medicines in Mali

The National Pharmaceutical Policy (NPP) of Mali aims to ensure equitable access to and the rational use of essential medicines. This requires not only a good logistical management information system, but also coordination among key actors. In May 2014, Mali’s Regional Health Department in Segou, with the support of SIAPS/Mali, held its first quarterly meeting … Read more

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Auditable Pharmaceutical Transactions and Services (APTS) Selected as Key Priority for Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health

This year’s National Annual Review led by Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health (MoH) brought together more than 850 health professionals from across the country to discuss the way forward  in public health for the coming year.  The MoH identified eight priority areas, one of them being SIAPS/Ethiopia’s transformative APTS system—the first time a pharmacy area was selected … Read more

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Another Step Forward in Governing the Pharmaceutical Sector in Swaziland

In Swaziland, SIAPS has been supporting the Ministry of Health in developing both the Pharmacy Bill to regulate the profession and practice of pharmacy, and the Medicines and Related Substances Bill to regulate the registration, importation, and use of medicines and related substances. The two bills have been passing through the legislative process and are … Read more

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An Innovative Way to Improve Medicine Availability at Clinics in Limpopo Province, South Africa

The support of Community Service Pharmacists (CSPs) in Limpopo province has contributed to improvements in medicine supply management and better compliance with quality standards at the primary health care (PHC) level. In 2013, the Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) program, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), provided … Read more

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