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Accurate stock reporting: Ensuring the availability of laboratory commodities for HIV testing in Lesotho

By Almakio Phiri, SIAPS Lesotho Country Project Director; Katelyn Payne, Project Associate; Andreas Fusi, SIAPS Laboratory Logistics Advisor; and Pheello Pompong, SIAPS M&E and Communications Advisor Expanding Laboratory Testing Services Lesotho has the second-highest HIV prevalence rate in the world, with 22.9% of the population living with the disease.  The severity of this public health crisis is … Read more

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Evaluation of the Logistics System for Transporting Tuberculosis and HIV Samples and Delivering Test Results in the Dominican Republic’s Public Health Referral Network

The Directorate for the Development and Strengthening of Regional Health Services (Dirección de Desarrollo y Fortalecimiento de los Servicios Regionales de Salud; DDF/SRS), a unit of the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Public Health (MPH), identified weaknesses in the transportation of laboratory samples and the subsequent reporting of results that directly affect coverage, particularly in certain … Read more

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Launch of Procurement Procedure Manual and Supply Manual

In early February, two essential supply chain management manuals – Procurement Procedure Manual and the Supply Manual – were formally launched at the Bangladesh Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW). Key leaders in attendance included the ministry’s Senior Secretary Mr. Md. Humayun Kabir, USAID/Bangladesh Office Director Mr. Gregory Adams, and Additional Secretory of Development … Read more

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