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The Economic Cost of Non-Adherence to TB Medicines Resulting from Stock-Outs and Loss to Follow-Up in the Philippines

A key element of successful tuberculosis (TB) control programs is adherence to treatment. Non-adherence results in increased length and severity of illness, death, disease transmission, and drug resistance. The purpose of this study was to estimate the morbidity and mortality impact and economic costs of non-adherence to TB medicines resulting from treatment interruption due to … Read more

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Approach to the Assessment of Financing of New TB Diagnosis and Treatment Interventions

We carried out case studies in Rwanda and Uganda from July to September 2012 to develop the assessment approach. The studies conducted included a desk review of the Uganda National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Program (NTLP), the Rwanda National TB Program (NTP), and ministry of health documents and budgets from both countries.

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