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Management of Essential Maternal Health Medicines: Examples from Rwanda and Kenya

Download Presented at Global Maternal Health Conference 2013 during the session Improving Access to Essential Maternal Health Medicines. Read more about the conference here.

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Management of Medicines for Emergency Obstetric Conditions in Rwanda

In early fall 2012, the SIAPS Program completed a rapid assessment in Rwanda in collaboration with the Ministry of Health to determine the availability of and management of medicines and commodities for emergency obstetric conditions such as post-partum hemorrhage and hypertension from pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. The assessment was done in 61 health facilities from 10 … Read more

Approach to the Assessment of Financing of New TB Diagnosis and Treatment Interventions

We carried out case studies in Rwanda and Uganda from July to September 2012 to develop the assessment approach. The studies conducted included a desk review of the Uganda National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Program (NTLP), the Rwanda National TB Program (NTP), and ministry of health documents and budgets from both countries.

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Rapid Assessment of Pharmaceutical Management of Medicines and Supplies for Preventing and Managing Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Conditions in Rwanda

The specific objectives of the rapid assessment were to—determine the availability, stock-outs, and stock on hand of MNH pharmaceuticals at the moment of the interviewer’s visit and for the 6 months before the assessment, review the procurement and quantification procedures, describe the distribution chain, evaluate the storage conditions and inventory management of MNH pharmaceuticals along … Read more

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Unmet Need for Oxytocin in Rwanda

As the data demonstrates, there is a gap between the amount procured and the amount required for the full implementation of the active management of the third stage of labor (AMTSL) as only 69% of the theoretical need is being made available at the central level. In addition, despite the guidelines stating that oxytocin should … Read more

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