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Capacity building strategies to improve efficient use of existing resources: The South African experience

The efficient use of existing resources is an essential component of a sustainable and resilient pharmaceutical system. SIAPS-South Africa has used various capacity-building strategies to improve the decision-making process in the selection of cost-effective and affordable medicines for the public sector, and to promote the monitoring and analysis of pharmaceutical expenditure. To that effect, SIAPS-South … Read more

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Systems Requirements for Computerized Medicine Registration, Mozambique Ministry of Health

In 2012, the US Agency for International Development-funded Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program conducted a comprehensive assessment of regulatory systems in Mozambique and addressed the challenges of the current information system being used by the Mozambique Ministry of Health Pharmacy Department (PD) for medicine registration and other regulatory functions. Recommendations … Read more

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Standardizing Clinical Practices in Swaziland

A common practice in a health system is to have standard treatment guidelines by which all health practitioners use to ensure rational use of medicines and methods. In Swaziland, however, several doctors and health workers apply a variety of approaches to managing common illnesses because they receive their training from different medical schools outside of … Read more

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