Ethiopia: Oromia Regional Council ratifies APTS regulation

On October 30, 2015, proposed regulations for implementation of the Auditable Pharmaceutical Transactions and Services (APTS) system were unanimously enacted by the Oromia Regional Council. The Council accepted all articles of the regulation and recommended immediate implementation of APTS in the region.

APTS is a package of data-driven interventions that support a continuous supply of essential medicines, optimize the use of financial resources, and improve the quality of pharmaceutical services. Facilities currently implementing APTS have seen a marked increases in the availability of essential medicines, improved patient counselling services on medication use, and greater privacy and shorter wait times for patients. These successes  prompted the development of the countrywide APTS regulation by the Federal Ministry of Health.

The USAID-funded SIAPS Program has been providing technical and financial support to the Oromia Regional Health Bureau to enact the APTS regulation in the region. Several discussions and benchmarking visits were held to showcase the importance of APTS and the positive impact it has already had on medicines availability and pharmaceutical services in pilot facilities.

Oromia is the largest National Regional State in Ethiopia, with 53 hospitals and 1,320 health centers. In collaboration with USAID/SIAPS, the region will implement APTS in all 53 hospitals to ensure transparent and efficient pharmaceutical transactions and services.