e-TB Manager in Ukraine

Abstract on the use of SIAPS’ tool e-TB Manager in Ukraine to be Presented at Global Conference in Spain

Congratulations to the SIAPS/Ukraine team on being accepted to present their abstract on the e-TB manager at the 45th Union World Conference on Lung Health in Barcelona, Spain, which will take place October 28-November 1 of this year. The abstract, “Implementation of e-TB manager in Ukraine: Better Data for Better Health Outcomes,” was one of 160 abstracts selected from a pool of 1,900 entries for presentation at the conference. The abstract documents the results of Ukraine’s adoption of SIAPS’s e-TB manager—an electronic TB information system—on regular and ad-hoc reporting, monitoring and evaluation, epidemiological surveillance at regional and national levels, identifying gaps in national and regional TB programs’ implementation, monitoring medicine use, and providing data for forecasting pharmaceutical needs.