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Rebuilding Sierra Leone’s pharmaceutical system post-Ebola

An interview with Murtada Sesay, country project director in Sierra Leone. SIAPS is working on a two-year project funded by USAID to help rebuild and strengthen the country’s pharmaceutical system following the Ebola epidemic. What’s SIAPS doing in Sierra Leone? Our systems strengthening project there was a consequence, not only of the more recent Ebola, […]

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SIAPS Voices Q&A: Can we vanquish malaria for good?

An interview with Andwele Mwansasu, MD, SIAPS Senior Technical Advisor What innovations in fighting malaria over the past five years have particular promise? Has there been a watershed moment? With decreasing malaria burden all over the world, a lot has been happening in the malaria world to sustain these gains. Countries are able to detect […]

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SIAPS closes in Ethiopia

On 17 March 2017, SIAPS Ethiopia held a closing ceremony in Addis Ababa. Guests from partner government and non-government organizations, USAID, universities and health facilities were present at the event and expressed their appreciation for the systems strengthening work SIAPS has done in Ethiopia. SIAPS has been in Ethiopia for the last five years working […]

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SIAPS Voices: How good logistics management strengthens health systems

A Q&A with Alan George, SIAPS technical advisor for supply chain management How does strengthening pharmaceutical systems make for stronger supply chains? And how does that translate into access to medicines? Having strong pharmaceutical systems is essential to having an efficient supply chain in the same way that having an efficient supply chain is essential […]

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SIAPS donates equipment to benefit school, homeless, and elderly in Namibia

SIAPS recently transferred office equipment and household items—which the program had acquired during the previous USAID-funded Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems project, also implemented by MSH—to the Christian Family Centre (CFC) in Windhoek. The CFC is involved in ministry, education, and support to homeless Namibians. The USAID mission in Namibia selected it as a recipient of the […]

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SIAPS Activity and Product Status Report: Year 6, Quarter 1

This report presents highlights of SIAPS’ activities organized both by intermediate result area, representing multiple countries where we work, as well as by our global, regional, and country portfolios for the October through December 2016 period.

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Voices: “You can’t achieve UHC without thinking about gender”

A Q&A with Kiley Workman Diop, technical advisor for the SIAPS Program You took courses in gender studies in college. How has that shaped your work? It has shaped my work a lot! My background in public health is rooted in the social aspects of health. Social determinants like income, gender, race, class, faith, sexuality, […]

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UHC Day 2016: Strong pharmaceutical management boosts access to essential medicines

By Francis Aboagye–Nyame, SIAPS Program Director On this day in 2014, the global health community made a commitment to universal health coverage (UHC) throughout the world. Although progress has been made, more than one billion people still lack access to basic health care. Further, as a Lancet Commission report, Essential Medicines for Universal Health Coverage, said […]

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SIAPS Voices: In Humans v. Tuberculosis, Humans Have the Advantage

Editors’ Note: This is the first of a special series called Voices, in which SIAPS staff share their views on global health issues and their work in the field. This interview is with Kelly Sawyer, SIAPS technical advisor for tuberculosis. What sets TB apart from other health areas? TB is now the number one infectious […]

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Technical Program Update: Combating Antimicrobial Resistance with Stronger Health Systems

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the world’s most pressing and urgent global health threats— one that could erode the current progress against tuberculosis (TB), malaria, HIV/AIDS, and many other infectious diseases. In conjunction with World Antibiotic Awareness Week (14-20 November), the SIAPS Program has published a technical program update on Combating Antimicrobial Resistance with Stronger Health […]

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