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Research protocol for the KAP study of Malaria treatment in Suriname

In order to completely eradicate malaria in Suriname, it is important that gold miners and other inhabitants of gold mining areas test for malaria, use the prescribed treatment, and use the treatment correctly. The Government of Suriname malaria program aims to launch an intervention campaign to motivate gold miners to improve their treatment behavior. In … Read more

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Were Medicine Quality and Pharmaceutical Management Contributing Factors in Diminishing Artemisinin Efficacy in Guyana and Suriname?

Pribluda VS, Evans L, Barillas E, Marmion J, Lukulay P, Chang J. Were medicine quality and pharmaceutical management contributing factors in diminishing artemisinin efficacy in Guyana and Suriname? Malaria Journal. 2014;13:77. Read the full article

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Study on the knowledge, attitudes and practices of malaria and malaria treatment in the small-scale gold mining sector in Suriname

This report presents the results of a knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) study of malaria treatment in a small-scale gold mining sector in Suriname. The KAP study was commissioned by the Government of Suriname/Global Fund “Searching for Gold, Finding Malaria” program in collaboration with USAID-funded SIAPS and PAHO. The goal of the study was to document malaria treatment–seeking … Read more

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