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Maputo Provincial Hospital DTC Training: Technical Report

The Systems for Improving Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program Mozambique has been working with DFH and partners in the pharmaceutical sector and in priority health programs to assist pharmaceutical services in improving the availability of pharmaceutical products and appropriate use at the service delivery points with the aim of achieving desired health outcomes. … Read more

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Concept and Guidelines for Medicine Use Assessment During Students’ Rural Placements

This document provides a background and basic guidance to medicine use data collection to be undertaken by University of Namibia School of Pharmacy second-year students during their placement in rural health facilities. In 2012, UNAM-SoP introduced 4-week placements at health facilities located in rural communities for pharmacy students as part of their practical training. This … Read more

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SIAPS Publishes Manual on the Development and Implementation of Standard Treatment Guidelines

A new manual published by the USAID-funded Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program aims to guide health care professionals in the development and implementation of standard treatment guidelines (STGs). STGs are designed to assist health care professionals in making decisions about appropriate, effective patient care. However, health managers often have trouble … Read more

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Gauteng Provincial Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Biennial Report 1 April 2012- 31 March 2014

In South Africa, the provision of pharmaceutical services is guided by the National Drug Policy (NDP), which was adopted in 1996. The health goal of the NDP is ―to ensure the availability and accessibility of essential medicines to all citizens. Within a resource-constrained environment, irrational medicine use has the potential to compromise available health care … Read more

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June 2014 SIAPS/SCMS/BLC Newsletter

In this issue: Partnering to Strengthen MoHSS Capacity for Planning, Deployment, Training and Retention of the Public Health Supply Chain Workforce, Enhancing Institutional Capacity for Sustainable Training of Competent Pharmacy Assistants in Namibia, CAFO Completes Assessment of Care and Educational Standard in 131 ECD Centers, Expanding Local Capacity for Improved Medicines Registration in Namibia, Prescribers’ Compliance with Namibia STGs – Findings, Recommendations and Actions from a Post Implementation Assessment, Enhancing Knowledge … Read more

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Review of the Cesarean-section Antibiotic Prophylaxis Program in Jordan and Workshop on Rational Medicine Use and Infection Control

Amman, Jordan, March 4-8, 2012 Organized by Ministry of Health, Royal Medical Services, and Jordan Food and Drug Administration in collaboration with SPS and SIAPS Presentations: Infection Control and ICAT Overview of Antimicrobial Resistance Overview of Infection Control and Prevention Preparations for Hospital IC Self-Assessments Introduction to the Infection Control Assessment Tool (ICAT) Preventing Transmission … Read more

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