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Informe técnico: Evaluación de la situación de la gestión del suministro de medicamentos antimaláricos en los países miembros de la Iniciativa para el Control de la Malaria en la Cuenca del Amazonas

La Iniciativa para el Control de la Malaria en la Cuenca del Amazonas (AMI por sus siglas en inglés), apoyada por la Agencia de Estados Unidos para el Desarrollo Internacional (USAID), ha prestado a través de varios socios asistencia técnica para el control de la malaria en los países que comparten la cuenca del Amazonas, … Read more

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Strengthening Health Systems to Defeat Malaria

In commemoration of World Malaria Day, SIAPS joins the global health community in recognizing the remarkable strides that have been made in the fight against malaria. More than ever, people in malaria-endemic countries, especially those who are particularly vulnerable like mothers and children, are receiving effective prevention, diagnosis, and treatment services and have better access … Read more

Guidelines at the Primary Level of Care Help Strengthen Antimalarial Supply Management of the Malaria Diagnosis and Treatment Network in Chocó, Colombia

The Department of Chocó has Colombia’s second-highest malaria burden. Malaria control is particularly difficult in this department as a result of its widely dispersed population, difficult geographical access, and frequent problems involving law and order. A study conducted in Chocó by the Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program in 2012 revealed … Read more

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