Diagnostic and Treatment Guideline and the Pharmaceutical Formulary for Primary Health Facilities

On August 25, 2016, The National Health Service presented the Diagnostic and Treatment Guideline and the Pharmaceutical Formulary for Primary Health Facilities, aiming to improve the early diagnosis and timely treatment of the most important health problems affecting the Dominicans, including -among others- the opportunistic infections in HIV/AIDS patients. SIAPS supported the development of these documents by updating … Read more

Leveraging Private Pharmaceutical Sector Capacity Toward Achieving Sustainable UHC in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

By Kwesi Eghan, SIAPS Principal Technical Advisor, Pharmaceutical Systems Cluster Universal health coverage (UHC) in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) requires government-led public financing. However, the financing capacity of most LMICs is already stretched thin, between the demands for population coverage, quality service, reduced out-of-pocket payments, and other societal funding requirements. To meet this challenge, mechanisms … Read more

A Framework and Guide to Establishing Quality Assured and Accredited Continuing Pharmaceutical Education

The lack of a trained health care workforce creates a barrier to the delivery of quality health services. Inadequate knowledge and limited or outdated skills can be obstacles to achieving positive health outcomes. Advances in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases, new technologies, and systems and process improvements, as well as changes in professional roles … Read more