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Building a Public Health System One County at a Time: Tambura County, South Sudan

South Sudan, Africa’s newest country, is building its public health system from the ground up—from physical infrastructure to a regulatory system. The US Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Systems for Improved Access toPharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) program is working with South Sudan’s Ministry of Health (MoH) to meet the tremendous challenges of creating an entirely … Read more

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Investing in People: The Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Association

First established in 1974 (G.C.), the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Association (EPA) has evolved to become one of the strongest and most exemplary professional associations in Ethiopia. Despite its longevity, prior to 2007, the EPA had limited capacity, staffing, and resources. The annual conference was the only time the EPA was able to engage its approximately 700 … Read more

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