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Improving Supply Chain Management in the DGFP in Bangladesh through the Logistics Coordination Forum

The Logistics Coordination Forum (LCF) is a platform to prepare, review, revise, and update the needs of contraceptives and the medical surgical requisite (MSR), consumption trends, stock status, pipeline positions, procurement status, SCM issues, etc., and to suggest capacity building and system improvements in the areas of procurement, storage, and supply management for DGFP.

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Consultative Workshop on Supply Manual Revision Directorate General of Family Planning March 3–5, 2012

Download With the changes in DGFP supply policies and procedures over a course of time, the manual was revised and edited subsequently in 1978, 1986, 1990, 1999, and the last revised version in 2006. The workshop’s main objective was to review the supply manual and attain consensus among the participants.

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