Restructuring the Directorate for Drugs and Medical Supplies

The Directorate for Drugs and Medical Supplies (DDMS) plays a key role in providing technical guidance and setting strategic direction in policy formulation, service delivery, standards, laws and regulations, and objectives for the pharmaceutical sector in Sierra Leone. It is also involved in stakeholders’ collaborations and coalition building, resource mobilization and deployment of resources, and monitoring and oversight. SIAPS identified DDMS as the MOHS entity well placed to be capacitated to implement and sustain the interventions SIAPS put in place. It is therefore necessary to review and finalize the DDMS structure at all levels to reflect this expanded role, especially with regard to the ongoing decentralization process, the capacity that must be developed, and aligning DDMS’ work plan with SIAPS. As part of its technical assistance to DDMS, SIAPS supported revision of the treatment registers and the report, request, and issue voucher. SIAPS also provided technical assistance in the training of trainers and national cascade training for introducing the newly developed treatment register.

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