Saving Lives Through Emergency Distribution of Anti-malarial Medicines

In Guinea, malaria is a common threat year-round, especially during the rainy season that lasts from May to October. It affects everyone, but for children under five years of age, appropriate and immediate treatment could mean the difference between life and death. Malaria accounts for 31% of consultations, 25% of hospitalizations, and 14% of deaths … Read more

Fighting Drug Resistant TB Through Increased Access to Quality-assured Medicines

In response to: Feeding a Disease With Fake Drugs, NY Times Op-Ed by Roger Bate, Published February 5, 2013 By Andre Zagorski, SIAPS Principal Technical Advisor and Emily Delmotte, SIAPS Technical Associate Roger Bate is right to point out that while private health care providers may be more accessible than National Tuberculosis Programs, the quality … Read more

Strengthening the Pharmacovigilance System in Bangladesh

With an increasing number of people needing access to medicines in low- and middle-income countries, the importance of regulation and ensuring reliable surveillance systems are crucial to guaranteeing all medicines and commodities provided to patients are safe, effective and meet approved quality standards. However, few low- and middle- income countries benefit from having adequate pharmaceutical … Read more