Pharmaceutical Management Information System: Support Supervision Report, January–March 2014, Cameroon

This report shows the result of continuous monitoring conducted quarterly in Cameroon to ensure stock availability at ART treatment sites of HIV and AIDS commodities. Data sources on patient information and consumption and report submission are from monthly reports collected at health facilities during supervision. Data on stock status are collected by the supervisors with the support of the pharmacy staff the day of the visit.

During this period, SIAPS—
-Trained storekeepers and pharmacy attendants in 100% of targeted health facilities on the use of stock cards and dispensing registers provided to improve the logistics management information system
-Provided a monthly reporting form to 100% of its health facilities and 100% of other health facilities in Cameroon to improve availability of data at central and regional levels for decision making
-Mentored store keepers and data clerks in observing good storage practices and data management



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