Ethiopia Standard Treatment Guidelines

In a healthcare system where multiple treatment options are available, the development and implementation of standard treatment guidelines (STGs) is a crucial strategy for ensuring effective and safe use of medicines, containing health care costs, and preventing antimicrobial resistance. STGs promote therapeutically effective and economic use of medicines at different levels of health facilities, as they give clear guidance and recommendations about the treatment and management of each clinical condition. When properly developed and implemented, treatment guidelines enhance rational medicine use and improve the quality of care. These guidelines provide up-to-date information relevant to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in Ethiopia which helps to achieve provision of quality care to patients.

These STGs provide greater consistency and standards of care, improve diagnostic accuracy, promote effective and safe use of medicines, and serve as a basis for improving treatment outcomes. It is also important to supply chain managers in improving the predictability of demand, and providing a standardized basis for forecasting, ordering, and purchasing of medicines.

This 3rd edition includes a package of evidence based information on diseases conditions, clinical features, methods of investigations, treatment options and referrals to the next level of care. Special emphasis is given to primary health care so as to address important public health needs in the country.

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