March 2016 SIAPS/SCMS/BLC Newsletter

  • The Electronic Dispensing Tool Hastens ARV Dispensing in Namibia’s Public Health Facilities: Mr. George Lukonga’s Experience
  • EDT in a Nutshell
  • Capacitating Pharmacist Assistant Students in Using the EDT to Manage Stock of ARV Medicines and Dispense to ART Patients
  • Improving Access to and the Availability of Essential Pharmaceutical Supplies for Health Extension Work in Namibia
  • Training and Mentoring Improves the Efficiency of the Rundu Regional Medical Depot in Namibia
  • Improving Inventory Management Skills of Nurses for Decentralized ART Service Delivery: The Case of Roshpinah Clinic
  • SIAPS Assists Namibia’s School of Pharmacy to Introduce Pre-service Medicines Regulation Training
  • Routine Use of the Standard Pharmaceutical Order Book in Primary Healthcare Facilities of Kunene Region Leads to Improved Inventory Control
  • Practical Training and on-thejob Support Improves ART Pharmaceutical Service Delivery in Namibia: Experiences of a Pharmacist Assistant at the Karasburg District Hospital
  • Maintaining High Quality Pharmaceutical Standards in ART Service Delivery
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