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Assessing Sub-National Procurement Practices of Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Commodities in Kenya

The SIAPS Program works at both the global and country levels to improve pharmaceutical management systems that increase access to quality medicines. SIAPS has developed a methodology to assess sub-national procurement practices. This methodology was used in Kenya to assess county-level procurement practices for essential maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH) commodities and to study the availability of essential MNCH commodities. The information gathered was used to generate recommendations to strengthen local procurement practices and overall procurement strategies.

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Guidance on Elements to Consider when Planning for the Integration of Oxytocin into the EPI Cold Chain

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to national program managers who are considering integrating oxytocin into the EPI cold chain. It is intended for representatives from relevant offices of the Ministry of Health (MoH), such as Pharmacy, Central Medical Stores, and Maternal and Child Health, as well as other policy makers, stakeholders, and implementing partners.

This guidance document introduces the pharmaceutical management elements that must be considered to successfully integrate oxytocin into the EPI cold chain and outlines the steps that will help national program managers plan the integration processes and strategies. Integrating oxytocin into the EPI cold chain may affect several elements within the pharmaceutical management cycle, from distribution systems, inventory management, and logistics management information systems and reporting procedures to roles and responsibilities, health facility infrastructure, and monitoring and evaluation. Some elements of the pharmaceutical system are afterthoughts that are only considered when challenges arise during implementation. Taking into account all elements that will be impacted by integrating oxytocin into a supply chain will not only help identify issues but also address needed changes in standard operating procedures and at the various stages of the supply chain. It is important to consider each element and address it in the strategy and implementation plan to ensure that oxytocin integration into the EPI cold chain is successful.

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Subnational Procurement of Maternal Health Medicines: Results from an Assessment in Bangladesh

SIAPS has developed a methodology and a set of tools to assess the effect of local procurement on the availability of maternal health medicines. SIAPS validated these assessment tools in Bangladesh to allow a broader discussion about potential strategies to improve access to maternal health medicines and to understand how local procurement practices affect access to quality maternal health medicines at the district level.

Specifically, the assessment (1) measured the availability of maternal health medicines at selected storage and health care facilities to determine the medicines’ source, (2) evaluated local procurement practices being used at the district levels for essential maternal health commodities, and (3) compared those practices with national and international standards and guidelines. The results further identified options for strengthening local procurement practices and overall procurement strategies.

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