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Procurement Planning for Medicines and Supplies in the Public Health System of the Dominican Republic

Until 2010, the estimates and planning for the purchase of medicines and supplies in the public sector of the Dominican Republic were carried out in each individual health establishment without a standardized methodology. Within the framework of implementing the Integrated System for Medicine and Supply Management (Sistema Único de Gestión de Medicamentos e Insumos, or SUGEMI), the National Medicine … Read more

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OSPSANTE: A New Tool for Tracking Health Commodities in Mali

In Mali, major weaknesses in the pharmaceutical sector include the lack of availability of regular, reliable pharmaceutical management information for decision-making and an inadequate and fragmented logistics system that fails to take the community level into account when planning for inventory management. As a result, stock-outs of lifesaving commodities are frequent at all health service delivery … Read more

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Quantification of HIV and AIDS Commodities for April 2014 through March 2016, Swaziland

The Government of Swaziland (GoS) has made significant progress in addressing the HIV and AIDS epidemic through a series of strategic plans and frameworks. An important component of the plans and frameworks is the regular and systematic quantification of HIV and AIDS commodities to ensure the regular and uninterrupted supply of life-saving medicines.  This technical report details the quantification … Read more

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