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SIAPS Supports Angola Ministry of Health to Develop First Ever National Supply Chain Strategy for Health Commodities

Angola’s National Plan for Health 2012-2025 (Plano Nacional de Decenvolvimento Sanil – PNDS 2012-2025) has highlighted the lack of a comprehensive and strategic supply chain plan as a key challenge to access pharmaceuticals in Angola. Ministry of Health (MOH) key players and local supply chain stakeholders have since called for the development of a national … Read more


Plan Stratégique 2015-2019 de la Pharmacie Populaire du Mali

Le Gouvernement de la République du Mali a fait de la Pharmacie Populaire du Mali (PPM) un outil privilégié de l’exécution de sa politique nationale pharmaceutique en matière d’approvisionnement, de stockage et de distribution des médicaments essentiels, et dans ce cadre des engagements ont été pris par les parties prenantes, à travers un cadre juridique … Read more

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Sustainability Plan of SCMP

This study, commissioned by the Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program, was intended to guide the SIAPS team to improve the supply chain management portal (SCMP) to ensure improved use. The study reviewed upgrading features on the SCMP, a system-wide tool, at the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW); preparing … Read more

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Rapid Evaluation, Rapid Solutions: First End Use Verification Survey in Guinea

The baseline EUV survey evaluated malaria drug management and treatment practices in 25 facilities. The End Use Verification (EUV) survey is a routine assessment of the supply chain of malaria medicines/products and of the diagnosis and treatment of malaria at the health facility level. EUV surveys are typically conducted more than once per year in … Read more

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