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A Year in Review: Building Resilient Pharmaceutical Systems

Around the world, SIAPS works in partnership with local governments and partners to build resilient pharmaceutical systems that deliver safe, timely, and quality pharmaceuticals and healthcare services. As we look back on 2016, we reflect on our many achievements and the progress we have made to improve health outcomes for vulnerable populations. Below I’ve included … Read more

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QuanTB to be presented at the 5th Union Conference for the Asia Pacific Region

SIAPS Program’s QuanTB software will be presented on August 31 as part of the 5th regional Conference of The Asia Pacific Region of the International Union Against TB & Lung Disease in Sydney, Australia. It will be discussed during the Global Drug Facility session “Global Drug Facility as a global mechanism for sustainable access to quality assured MDR-TB medicines”. QuanTB is … Read more

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SIAPS at the CORE Group Global Health Practitioner Conference

SIAPS Principal Technical Advisor Jane Briggs presented on SIAPS work in integrated community case management (iCCM) at the 2015 CORE Group Global Health Practitioner Spring Conference. Briggs spoke at a session titled “Improving the Quality and Scale of National Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) Activities through Programmatic Harmonization”, specifically focusing on the benefits of integrating … Read more

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February 2015 Bangladesh Newsletter

The overall goal of the SIAPS/Bangladesh program is to build the capacity of MOHFW and its key directorates—DGFP, DGHS, DGDA, and HED—and other indigenous institutions to efficiently and effectively manage their procurement and supply chain management activities. Special focus will be given to TB commodity management at all levels. Read about their progress toward this … Read more

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SIAPS/DRC in the News: Improving Women and Children’s Health in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has an infant mortality rate of 73.15 per 1,000 live births—one of the highest in the world. The USAID-funded Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program in DRC, in partnership with the Ministry of Health (MoH), is working to implement an action plan for improving access … Read more

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