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Post-Qualification Monitoring and Evaluation of Pharmacist Assistants Trained at the National Health Training Centre in Namibia

Namibia has a decentralized public health system with 14 administrative regions. It is challenged by a dual burden of HIV and AIDS and tuberculosis (TB) as well as by the persistent shortage of pharmaceutical personnel. Well-trained pharmacist assistants (PA) are central to ensuring that the correct medicines are available in sufficient quantities as well as … Read more

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Rapid Evaluation, Rapid Solutions: First End Use Verification Survey in Guinea

The baseline EUV survey evaluated malaria drug management and treatment practices in 25 facilities. The End Use Verification (EUV) survey is a routine assessment of the supply chain of malaria medicines/products and of the diagnosis and treatment of malaria at the health facility level. EUV surveys are typically conducted more than once per year in … Read more

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