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MDR-TB Drug Utilization Review Programmes: Tool to Ensure Rational Use of Second Line Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs

Salakaia A, do Valle Bastos G, Kwiecien A, Zagorski A. (2013, December). MDR-TB drug utilization review programmes: tool to ensure rational use of second line anti-tuberculosis drugs. Symposium presentation at the 44th International Conference on Lung Health of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases. Paris, France. View the abstract (page S35)

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Adaptation of Tuberculosis Control Strategies to Serve Populations Living in Special Circumstances

Madre de Dios, a department located in the Peruvian Amazon, is a settlement site for artisan gold miners. Members of this population group, consisting primarily of males who have emigrated from surrounding departments, live and work in precarious circumstances, which leads to high incidence rates of both primary tuberculosis (TB) and MDR-TB.

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Decreasing the Burden of TB Through Collaboration and Streamlined Approaches

The state of tuberculosis (TB) is in a tug-of-war as current challenges threaten to undo past successes. One of the primary hurdles currently facing TB prevention and cure is the emergence of strains that are resistant to at least two of the most effective medicines (rifampicin and isoniazid). So-called drug-resistant (DR)-TB arises when patients are … Read more

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Fighting Drug Resistant TB Through Increased Access to Quality-assured Medicines

In response to: Feeding a Disease With Fake Drugs, NY Times Op-Ed by Roger Bate, Published February 5, 2013 By Andre Zagorski, SIAPS Principal Technical Advisor and Emily Delmotte, SIAPS Technical Associate Roger Bate is right to point out that while private health care providers may be more accessible than National Tuberculosis Programs, the quality … Read more

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Strengthening Strategies and Collaboration for Improved Management of TB Medicines

“If we don’t have drugs, we don’t have programs,” Dr. Angélica Salomão of the World Health Organization Africa Region said, summing up the motivation behind the 2nd Africa TB Regional Conference on Management of TB Medicines. From December 5-7, 2012 representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO), National Tuberculosis Programs (NTP), global TB partners and … Read more

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