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Publication Highlight: Improving Medicines Access and Use for Child Health—A Guide to Developing Interventions

Improving Medicines Access and Use for Child Health—A Guide to Developing Interventions represents an up-to-date[i] and practical resource for those developing interventions to improve access to and use of medicines for child illness. While it primarily targets groups working in community organizations, health facilities, and district health offices, it could also be used within the … Read more

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Inauguration of Central Oxygen Supply System at Khulna Shishu Hospital

On February 25, a central oxygen supply system at Khulna Shishu Hospital (KSH) was inaugurated to ensure that regular and uninterrupted medical oxygen is available for critical management of inpatient children. The central oxygen supply system was commissioned in November 2015, with technical assistance provided by the USAID-funded Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and … Read more

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Improving Medicines Access and Use for Child Health: A Guide to Developing Interventions

Effective case management of sick children is a key strategy for reducing child deaths. This has been emphasized by the UN Commission on Life Saving Commodities for Women and Children, and is important for achieving the objectives laid out in Sustainable Development Goal 3. Common pediatric illnesses must be correctly diagnosed in a timely manner, appropriate … Read more

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World Pneumonia Day 2014: Strengthening Systems to Ensure Universal Access to Pneumonia Care

Accounting for more than one million under-five deaths each year, pneumonia is the leading killer of children under the age of five worldwide, claiming more lives than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined.  This year’s World Pneumonia Day (WPD) theme is “universal access to pneumonia prevention and care”.  In commemoration of WPD, child health advocates are … Read more

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