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Strengthening Systems to Fight Malaria in Guatemala

To achieve the objective of eliminating malaria in Guatemala, timely access to appropriate treatment is a key strategy for the Ministry of Health. One of the mainstays of this strategy is the network of community volunteers who provide diagnosis and treatment for malaria in their communities.  After an assessment identifying weaknesses in the management of … Read more

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Publication Highlight: Improving Medicines Access and Use for Child Health—A Guide to Developing Interventions

Improving Medicines Access and Use for Child Health—A Guide to Developing Interventions represents an up-to-date[i] and practical resource for those developing interventions to improve access to and use of medicines for child illness. While it primarily targets groups working in community organizations, health facilities, and district health offices, it could also be used within the … Read more

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Every breath counts: Improve health outcomes for pneumonia through better access to pharmaceuticals and services

Pneumonia is the leading infectious disease killer of children under five, killing more than 900,000 children— the vast majority in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa— every year. Reductions in childhood pneumonia deaths lag behind reductions in deaths due to malaria, diarrhea, measles and AIDS, and many of these children die because of delays in care … Read more

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Scaling Up Integrated Community Case Management in Burundi

The Burundi SIAPS team, in a one-MSH initiative led by Pascaline Harerimana and assisted by SIAPS Principal Technical Advisor Jane Briggs, supported the Burundi’s Ministry of Health (MoH) National Malaria Control Program to evaluate their pilot of community case management of malaria.  The objective was to inform the requirements for expanding services to include malaria, diarrhea, … Read more

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Assessing the Supply of Essential Medicines at the Community Level

Children under five in developing countries are susceptible to contracting illnesses like malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea. For many, accessing a health care center to obtain treatment can be over a day’s commute or more resulting in a lack of access to medicines. In such situations, trained community health workers (CHW) pick up supplies and medications … Read more

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