QuanTB: Implementing an Early Warning System for TB Medicines

Accurate forecasting of TB commodity needs for different scenarios is a challenge in many countries due to a lack of reliable tools to track both TB case data and medicine stock, expiry, and consumption data.

To address this challenge, SIAPS implemented a regional systems strengthening technical assistance approach that involved supporting National Tuberculosis Control Programs in USAID-focus countries to establish, institutionalize, and implement an early warning system (EWS) to ensure availability and reduce stock-outs and expiries of TB commodities. This was done by developing and building country capacity to implement QuanTB, an electronic forecasting, quantification, supply planning, and EWS tool.

In 2016, SIAPS conducted a global evaluation of the QuanTB EWS implementation and related SIAPS technical assistance. Individual country reports highlight key achievements and the impact of the intervention on country TB commodity and overall supply chain management as well as experiences, challenges, lessons learned, and sustainability of the tool.

Implementing an Early Warning System for TB Medicines: Global Report