Initiation of the Pilot on Implementation of the Early Warning and Quantification System for Anti-TB Medicines in Uzbekistan

A comprehensive indicator-based assessment of the tuberculosis (TB) in pharmaceutical management system, which was conducted with SIAPS assistance in July-August of 2014, revealed crucial needs for strengthening the anti-TB medicines supply system in Uzbekistan through improved supply planning and implementation of an early warning mechanism in order to avoid problems with stocks-outs and expiration of medicines.

SIAPS worked with the National TB Pharmaceutical Management working group on setting up of the early warning and quantification system with the use of QuanTB, an electronic quantification and early warning system. It was decided that in the first quarter of 2015, the system will be piloted in 3 regions (Samarkand, Khorezm, and Fergana oblasts) and Tashkent City, which will be managed and coordinated by the central level.

On January 26-29, 2015 SIAPS team conducted a workshop with a goal to train the participants in piloting the system for early warning and quantification of anti-TB medicines. The workshop was conducted for 16 representatives of the National TB Pharmaceutical Management Working Group and TB pharmaceutical managers of 4 pilot areas. Countrywide rollout of the system is expected to start in June 2015, based on the experience from the pilot regions, which will be discussed during the post-pilot workshop in May, 2015.

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