Review of the List of High-Cost Medicines used by the Dominican Republic’s Protected Diseases Program and Planning of Purchases for 2015

The Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Public Health (MPH) is currently implementing an Integrated System for Medicine and Supply Management (known as SUGEMI, for its Spanish acronym) as part of the Ministry’s Public Service Network. Its objective is to improve public access to essential medicines and quality health supplies while promoting the decentralized management and optimum use of available resources. SIAPS is providing support to SUGEMI and collaborated with the Protected Disease Program to procure medicines for 2015. This is a report of the process used to: 1)facilitate for the various PP scientific committees the selection of medicines to be procured in 2015, using medical criteria based on evidence and cost-effectiveness; and 2) estimate and plan for purchases to be made for 2015 of medicines recommended for permanent inclusion on the PP list of medicines.

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