Engaging the Private Retail Pharmaceutical Sector in TB Case Finding in Tanzania: Pilot Dissemination Meeting Report

In many parts of the world, private drug shops are one of the first places people seek care for illnesses; they may also be a key partner in controlling tuberculosis (TB). With targeted training and a formal referral system, shop dispensers have the potential to identify clients with TB symptoms and refer them to diagnostic centers for evaluation. The quicker people are diagnosed and started on quality treatment, the less time they spend sick and able to spread TB to others. The USAID-funded SIAPS project partnered with the Tanzanian National TB Program to pilot a training and referral program in two regions of Tanzania; the meeting report available here describes the approach, activities, and results. In the course of 16 months, participating drug shops referred 587 clients with TB-like symptoms to diagnostic and treatment centers, resulting in 81 people being diagnosed with TB. The meeting report highlights lessons learned, as well as opportunities to scale-up this work in the future.

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