SIAPS Mali holds closing ceremony event

For the French version of this article, please click here. For six years, the USAID-funded Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) program has been working with Mali’s Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene (MSHP) to enhance governance and transparency in the pharmaceutical sector, strengthen the supply chain system for pharmaceutical commodities, and … Read more

Le Mali célèbre les six ans d’activité du programme des systèmes pour l’amélioration de l’accès aux produits et services pharmaceutiques

Pendant six ans, le programme des systèmes pour l’amélioration de l’accès aux produits et services pharmaceutiques (SIAPS), financé par l’Agence des Etats-Unis pour le Développement Internationale (USAID) a apporté son soutien pour améliorer la gouvernance et la transparence dans le secteur pharmaceutique, fournir une assistance technique afin de développer des outils de gestion pharmaceutique et … Read more

Setting the stage for pharmaceutical system reform in Ukraine

By Juanita Folmsbee, Ukraine Country Project Director, SIAPS and SAFEMed To be fully effective, health system strengthening projects should have sustainable impact and lay the groundwork for future progress. Here’s how SIAPS’ work supported health system reform in Ukraine. SIAPS worked in Ukraine for four years, from 2013 through 2017. Ukraine has the most severe … Read more

Lucky Specials Brings Focus to TB Awareness Week in Namibia

Theresia Cloete was diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) in 2002. She was put on treatment but after four months stopped taking her TB medication. Last year, she was diagnosed with drug-resistant TB. Like Cloete, many TB patients stop taking their life-saving medication before they are cured. She is now one of eight in-patients waiting for stabilization … Read more

Strong pharmaceutical systems run on sound data

By David Mabirizi, SIAPS Deputy Director, Country Programs Q. What does managing pharmaceutical services have in common with flying planes or performing open-heart surgery? A. All of these are complex operations that need accurate, timely information to make effective, life-saving decisions. Here’s why: Sound data helps pharmaceutical managers ensure an uninterrupted supply of medicines; quantify … Read more