SIAPS at Namibia’s First National AIDS Conference

The SIAPS Namibia team participated in Namibia’s first National AIDS Conference (NAC) on 28 – 30 November, 2016.  Under the theme, Together We Are Ending AIDS In Namibia”, the conference brought together the Namibia Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS), national HIV program, and other key stakeholders to reflect on achievements made so far toward the reduction of HIV and AIDS, and the road ahead for ending HIV in Namibia by 2030.

Mr. Bayobuya Phulu, SIAPS Senior Technical Advisor, explains the Pharmaceutical Management Information Dashboard at a plenary session at the Namibia National AIDS Conference on November 30th 2016. Photo credit: SIAPS Namibia


The SIAPS Program had 8 oral presentations, showcased SIAPS Namibia achievements at an exhibition booth, and hosted a 30-minute plenary presentation on the Ministry of Health’s Pharmaceutical Management Information Dashboard. Implemented by SIAPS, the web-based dashboard enables MoHSS managers to monitor the stocking and availability of antiretroviral and health commodities at the central, regional and health facility levels across Namibia.  The dashboard also contains important data on numbers of patients undergoing treatment by age, gender and district.

The SIAPS team at the MSH exhibition booth. Photo credit: SIAPS Namibia